Organizational Role Stress of Employees in The Banking Sector

  • Deepti Sinha Sharda University
  • Sachin Sinha Sharda University
Keywords: Organizational role stress, demographic variables, banking sector


The aim of this study is to understand and measure the organizational Role Stress (ORS) amongst the employees of banking sector and to examine the influence of demographic variables like age, gender, income, experience and qualification on ORS. The study also measures the level of ORS amongst the employees and ranks the ten components of ORS. The study was conducted on 80 employees of banking sector using convenience sampling. The data was arranged and tabulated and rank order was calculated using MS Excel. ANOVA was used to test the hypotheses related to influence of demographic variables. It was found that the employees in the banking sector have neither very high nor very low ORS; rather
most of them have a moderate level of organizational role stress. The maximum contribution to ORS is of role erosion (RE), followed by role overload (RO) and inter-role distance (IRD). Further, our analysis of the impact of various social-demographic factors on stress level reveals that income and work experience have a significant impact on employees’ stress levels.


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