• Pakdeekul Ratana Department of Educational Foundations and Development, Chiangmai University
Keywords: women studies, gender, Lan Na, Lan Sang


The studies of Southeast Asian women in historical context provides important data for the analysis of how Lan Na and Lan Sang women exploited their privileged positions in accordance with the prevalent social contexts and attitudes of the time. And it helps us to understand the social restrictions that Northern Thai and Lao women experience today as a result of global changes. Women are losing their unique identity. This study aims to show these aspects of women from another angle by investigating women in an earlier period and comparing them to those of today. This should hopefully be beneficial to further studies of women’s issues in the context of gender and multiculturalism.


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Author Biography

Pakdeekul Ratana , Department of Educational Foundations and Development, Chiangmai University

Pakdeekul Ratana is currently working as a lecturer in the Department of Educational Foundations and Development at Chiangmai University, Thailand. Her main interests include historical and philosophical foundations of education and gender studies.


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