• Hanh Vu University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City (UAH)
  • Thao Nguyen University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City (UAH)
Keywords: Water management, water urbanism, landscape urbanism, flood, climate change, water treatment, biodiversity, livelihood, Kien Giang, Mekong delta


Vietnam and its lower Mekong basin region are among places that are heavily affected by global warming and climate change: sea level rise, flooding, water and soil salinization, freshwater shortages, and consequently the biodiversity negativity of a water- based land. This paper researches one of the urban planning and design in An Hoa Ward – Rach Gia City – Kien Giang Province, Vietnam where water management like many other places in the country are concerned with either just an urban beautification element or short-term solution for many urban development plans and projects. Landscape urbanism understands ecological logics as crucial bases for urban development (both spatial and functional terms) and this helps sustain the biodiversity of which people and their activities are meant to be part of the ecological process. This research considers Water the most important element (especially under climate change scenarios) in making place for An Hoa Ward, Rach Gia, Kien Giang province, Vietnam. The research (1) analyzes the characteristics of different water courses in the area and, to what extent, people’s livelihood has been transformed by water over time; then (2) based on the understandings and evaluations of relevant literature and cases studies about mitigation and adaptation to natural water characteristic, the paper proposes and discusses the possible adaptive water management solutions that environmentally and culturally sustain the biodiversity and local communities’ livelihood.


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