The Quest for Adequate, Affordable, and Humane Housing: Decentralization, Local Government and the People’s Plan

  • Erickson D. Calata College of Political Science and Public Administration, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila
Keywords: Philippines, Manila, Informal Settlers, Urban Housing, Local Governance


For many centuries, the world has been urbanizing. One of the more extreme issues in recent urbanization trends is the development of mega-cities. These great multi- million person urban conglomerations have emerged in all countries. Many of these megacities are made up of a variety of local administrations, which greatly exacerbates the problem of governance. Governing those smaller units together in one integrated whole poses a new and thorny problem for urban administration. This is especially the case in dealing with the urban poor and homeless, and with the widespread problem of squatters. This case study deals with Metro Manila’s ultimately unsuccessful attempt to address its problem of homeless squatters, and the role of decentralization in that process. The failure of the project offers important lessons about the role of local government in addressing these issues.


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